Job Description :

Position Summary
The HVAC Tech 2 position responds to reactive HVAC calls by diagnosing and repairing issues related the HVAC system in order to provide a comfortable environment for the traveling public and airport employees.

Essential Job Functions
Operates standard HVAC testing equipment and uses HVAC tool applicable to repair and maintain HVAC systems.
Monitors asset condition, schedules routine inspections, and performs maintenance and minor repairs using knowledge of 4-pipe AHUs, VAV and fan coil boxes, pneumatic and DDC controls and their components.
Attends daily safety trainings and follow all safety directives.
Completes work order data entry in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to include describing work tasks and labor hours completed, as well as correctly identifying HVAC and equipment assets and asset locations
Manages time and prioritizes work orders to ensure that client needs and expectations are met.
Performs quality repairs that extend the life of the facility

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Understanding of HVAC standards and practices consistent with industry requirements and a good working knowledge of the design, operation, and maintenance of chilled water and hot water systems
Familiarity with BMS systems such as Metasys, Insight, Tracer Summit, Honeywell, and ALC 20/20 and have knowledge of repairs required and maintenance of communication bus (N2 and BacNet)
Familiarity with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) within HVAC operations and be able to visually confirm the status of VFD operations
Good computer, communication, and typing skills
Ability to work from lifts and ladders, as well as work in a variety of weather conditions
Ability to work adjusted schedules during extreme weather events. Weekend, holiday, and alternate shift work may be required to meet client requirements.

1. HS Diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience

Associates degree from 2-year accredited college or technical school or equivalent experience preferred

Experience Required
1. Three (3) years’ work experience maintaining and operating HVAC and other equipment in an industrial, commercial or manufacturing environment required - 5 years’ experience is preferred
2. Valid driver’s license with ability to be covered by JACOBS liability insurance carrier