Job Description :

Title : HTML Developer

Location: Remote, Houston, TX

Required Experience/Skills:

- Ability to use HTML for developing the HMI of an industrial equipment

- Node.js backend development

- SocketIO

- HTML5 (HTML/CSS/JS) FrontEnd (Browser Based data)

- REST/Async Browser/Node data exchanges

- MVC/MVP/MVVP HMI architecture concepts

- UI/UX design for Mobile Web Applications

- Javascript Unit test frameworks (Jest/Mocha/Jasmine/Cypress

- HTML User Interface Testing frameworks(eg Smartbear TestComplete)

- EggPlant/Katalon, SenseTalk/groovy scripting

- Authentication/login/two-part encryption tokens

- Firebase Authentication/ .js

- PlotJS and webpack knowledge

- C++ knowledge would be a benefit but not critical

- Experience as Web HMI (Human Machine Interface) Developer preferred


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