Job Description :

Project Manager- Inventory Control ,

Boston , MA ( Remote)


  1. Facilitate the distribution and collection of computing assets, including the return and segregation of leased IT equipment of approximately 1,000 computing devices earmarked for EOHED staff
  2. Facilitate with IT staff and/or external vendors an organized approach for the return, preparation and re-distribution of IT equipment amongst Secretariat-wide staff
  3. Liaise with third-party vendor, Secretariat CIO and IT management staff to establish and then drive the process
  4. Review and audit current IT inventory housed in EOHED IT
  5. Designate and inventory items to be kept, recycled or disposed of as surplus material
  6. Evaluate and consolidate current inventory databases
  7. Suggest efficient inventory management procedures
  8. Evaluate and consolidate current practices within the loss prevention program
  9. Provide guidance on asset inventory and management in line with internal and external controls and parties


  1. Proficiency in MS Office
  2. Proficiency with MS Project and understanding dependencies in order to develop a roadmap for full execution of a three phase swap out of equipment
  3. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Logistics, Inventory Control, Technology or related field
  4. Minimum 5 years of project management or IT management
  5. Minimum 2 years of inventory control experience
  6. Highly organized individual who exhibits confidence in leading a project
  7. Ability to build consensus and trust while working with a disparate team
  8. A sense of humor
  9. Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  10. Able to lift 50 pounds without restriction
  11. Former local, state, federal government experience preferred

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