Job Description :

Job title: Agile Coach

Location: Alpharetta GA


Job Summary:

·         Hands on coaching and teaching for new teams including how to perform key Agile ceremonies such as planning sessions and daily stand ups and how to effectively utilize Agile artefacts such as product backlogs

·         Lead agile teams through product framing and discovery, including defining business KPIs, product vision, user story mapping, and other framing activities

·         Identify and raise challenges and obstacles, and work collaboratively with the Centre of Excellence and coaches to resolve them

·         Enable teams to realize their mission and deliver on their KPI Anticipate and resolve or escalate potential blockers, e.g., resource constraints or skill gaps, that prevent the team from doing its best work

·         Ensure that teams are interacting with dependent stakeholders effectively

·         Observe and engage with individual team members to identify opportunities to improve Agile performance

·         Perform maturity assessments to baseline team performance and identify opportunities for improvement

·         Providing ongoing training and resources to equip team members with practices to enhance their Agile maturity

·         Embed a culture of continuous improvement within each team

·         Establish self-sufficient coaching expertise and support within Client

·         Providing mentoring and training for client Agile Coaches

·         Participate in the Agile Coach community groups to share best practices and ways of working

·         Collaborate with the Agile COE to recommend, test, and establish practices and principles for Agile at scale 3

·         Provide continuous feedback on the Client operating model and practices from both prior experience and observations from ongoing implementation and coaching


Coach experience

·         Experience in coaching Agile teams through the adoption of agile practices in multiple prior engagements

·         Experience in one or more large scale Agile transformation programs within multinational finance organizations

·         Deep background in coaching and developing people and teams, influencing behaviour change and establishing sustainability through cultural change

·         Experience coaching agile teams across business and technology, aligning teams with business KPI to drive value

·         Coach characteristics

·         Are strong change agents and can influence mind set and behaviours, including those of senior leaders

·         Love coaching and supporting people to adjust to and embrace changes to their ways of working

·         Are passionate about Agile principles and are excited to embed them across the organization

·         Apply innovative and creative thinking in order to solve problems and get things done

·         Are intellectually curious and love learning new skills and capabilities, e.g., Agile principles

Are courageous and will be comfortable challenging, advising, and coaching Product Owners, Pilot Leads and Senior Leadership


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