Job Description :
6 months

Phone and F2F

We do not usually push out em>Help Desk REQs to partners as rates are so low. /em>

I’ m pushing out as there are u>(10) open positions/u> and u>we are allowed 10 submits. /u>

IF you can find people in the Madison area please submit -

Please make sure they have not been submitted to #17397

Prefer candidates within 1-2 hours of Madison, WI

Client prefers candidates closer to Madison, Wi

Candidates must fill out attached grid.

This request will provide support to meet the increased demand for Service Desk Operations directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing access to DWD online applications and service delivery to claimants needing access to Unemployment Insurance systems. The service to be performed includes providing Identity and Account Management (IAM) services for public users of DWD internet based applications for the Divisions of Unemployment Insurance. The proposed service includes verifying the identity of the caller, resetting their password and or unlocking their account, instructing the caller to use self-service account recovery in the future, forwarding the call to another call center if needed for further assistance, and documenting the details of the call. The services and quality provided will be monitored by the supervisor utilizing real-time data generated by the call manager and ticketing software, as well as quality assurance recordings. The external IAM support for public citizens is part of the core service the state provides in administering the Unemployment Insurance to Wisconsin citizens because use of the online application is mandatory.

Hardware/Software Environment The support services includes: 1) Levaraging security tools and Identity and Account Management Tools for managing public user accounts, and 2) Cherwell Management, Cares Centurion Management Systems, The software includes, but is not limited to: Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Office 2010, Office 2016, Adobe products, WIEXT account management tools, VPN and multi-factor authentication tools.


Each of the 10 positions are from 06/01/2020 to 11/12/2020 for a total of 980 hours for each position.

All positions are first shift.

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Skill Grid

Please have candidare fill out attached grid.

Each skill put the candidates skills rating 1-5 – with 5 being the highest – 1 the lowest

Years exp. – with years being u>what the candidate/u> has in that skill.