Job Description :
Role: Help Desk Analyst - Senior Location: Edmonton, AB Contract Help Desk Analyst works directly with end users to troubleshoot technical issues. Receive and respond to inquiries related to applications supported by the Help Desk. Advise inquirers of any resolution to an inquiry. Utilize Help Desk software to enter tickets and retrieve logged calls for resolution, or forward pending inquiries to the next level of expert support. Work effectively through communication with technical and /or business teams to resolve client issues. Monitor the progress of proposed solutions while maintaining contact with the client so that they are also aware of the status of their inquiry. Test end-user solutions, 'bug-fixes' and new features of applications to ensure they adequately address client concerns. Monitor trends in client inquiries that point to the need for further training within the client community; assist in the revision of related training material, and participate in training. Maintain a repository of known problems/issues and related resolution/'work around'; and a repository of best practices, for each application. Make arrangements with external stakeholders and internal staff for training and any other items as required. Maintain an understanding of applications to ensure maximum support effectiveness. Assign and maintain user IDs and passwords. Coordinate Help Desk related activities that require communications to the external stakeholders with business areas (within ministry and other government departments Ensure these communications are relayed to internal staff as well. Participate in related projects as required. Develop and maintain documentation as required. Recording and classifying calls/inquiries in the Help Desk software application. Communicating application errors found during call resolution and testing application when errors are resolved. Coordination of communication to external stakeholders, other Government of Alberta staff and to internal staff. Collection and editing/validating/converting data. Identification of future training needs. Regular status reports of all reported issues.