Job Description :
Job Description Project management background Scrum, Agile development background; exposure to SAFe framework Ability to adjust and evolve processes for a new project Ability to work with the team to define and modify processes as needed rather than getting hung up on the exact ceremonies Ability to facilitate resolution of technical solutions. Ability to facilitate discussions around keeping work decoupled in a multi team environment. Help product owners and teams to focus on must haves vs nice to have. Have a sense of urgency to get things done and resolve things quickly. Be able to work ahead and resolve issues proactively. Knock Out Questions Years of Experience as Scrum Master? Kind of Frameworks exposed to? Facilitated Teams in SAFE or other Scaled framework How do you deal cross team dependencies? What kind of dependencies you have dealt in the past? What should be the Risk startegy for Agile Projects? How did you handle Risks? What kind of Impediments you have faced? How does the team deal with spill over work? Explain Sprint planning prcess what kind of anti patterns or dysfunctions you have observed?