Job Description :

Experience in performing in-memory data processing and real time streaming analytics using Apache Spark with ScalaJava and Python.

· Developed applications for Distributed Environment using Hadoop, MapReduce and Python.

· Developed MapReduce jobs to automate transfer of data from HBase.

· Developing and Maintenance the Web Applications using the Web Server Tomcat.

· Experience in integrating Hadoop with Ganglia and have good understanding of Hadoop metrics and visualization using Ganglia.

· Good experience working with Hortonworks Distribution and Cloudera Distribution.

· Very good understanding/knowledge of Hadoop Architecture and various components such as HDFS, JobTracker, TaskTracker, NameNode, DataNodeSecondary Namenode, and MapReduce concepts.

· Experience in data extraction and transformation using MapReduce jobs.

· Proficient in working with HadoopHDFS, writing PIG scripts and Sqoop scripts.

· Performed data analysis using Hive and Pig.

· Expert in creating Pig and Hive UDFs using Java in order to analyze the data efficiently.

· Experience in importing and exporting data using Sqoop from Relational Database Systems to HDFS and vice-versa.

· Strong understanding of NoSql databases like HBase, MongoDB & Cassandra.

· Experience in working on various Hadoop data access components like MapReducePig, Hive, HBase, Spark andKafka.


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