Job Description :

ABD Solutions, Inc is currently seeking a Google Cloud Engineer with 6+ years of experience comfortable with working remotely for now.   

Roles and Responsibilities:

Should have 6+ yrs of experience and excellent understanding of Google Cloud Services like GAE, GCE, GKE, GCF, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL (MySQL Postgre), Cloud Firestore, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Filestore, Cloud Pub. Experience in architecting small scale, mid scale and large scale applications with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Experience in development and writing unit test cases.

Hand on development experience in Java or Python Infra Architect for Google cloud and On premise Experience in Linux OS - Ubuntu or Redhat Designing and managing Infra for large scale distributed systems Designing networking, storage layer.

Hands on with GCP Compute & Networking services i.e. Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Function, Networking (VPC, Firewall, Load Balancer), Cloud SQL, Datastore. Hands on experience in Cloud compute services, Cloud Function, Networking, Loadbalancing, Autoscaling, App Engine.Strong understanding of distributed systems and big data ecosystem. Strong understanding of designing high performance, fault tolerant distributed software solutions. Experience with PaaS technologies such as Cloud Foundry and/or OpenShift Experience in no-sql databases such as MongoDB, Couchbase or DynamoDB Experience in streaming technologies like Spark streaming or Storm It’s good to have: Cloud Formation experience Knowledge of OpenStack is good to have and working knowledge of Mesos / YARN is a plus Google Big Query and Looker experience required

Skills Required: 

GCP, Java or Python. Hands on experience in Google Cloud Services like GAE, GCE, GKE, GCF, Cloud Storage. Hands on experience in Java or Python.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science and Engineering is required
  • Experience working independently with minimal supervision.




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