Job Description :

DSS is looking for a progressive web application developer with React experience to  help maintain its mobile solution and build subsequent deliverables for future phases of the project. The person will be working with Java developers and DB2 DBAs. 

Required Skill Set

Expert Progressive Web App Developer. This is different from a native mobile app developer.
Expert ReactJS; Caching, page load
In-depth knowledge and experience in UX/UI designs and various UI/UX toolsets
Create web services, custom widgets using native APIs and JavaScript.
Perform hands-on mobile application development across various mobile operating systems , browsers and languages
Expert in OWASP security standards for front end. Tool used is Fortify. Code scan must pass this standard. 

Work with the system integrators and DSS teams to understand the business and architectural set up of some of the DSS Enterprise applications
Closely work with the State staff to integrate with middle-tier and other backend enterprise applications
Experience working with big transaction backend data stores and ensuring front end performance / customer experience (e.g caching etc.); understanding that clients may not have the latest phones or devices.
Perform in depth testing of the app with respect to application, security, and performance and user experience.
Document and transition work on a regular basis to state resources as part of the transition plan. Template and type of documentation needed will be provided by the State
Use state provided infrastructure and tools for the purpose of the engagement. Suggest alternatives to be procured by the state.
Upload code, documentation and any assignments provided for this effort into the state repository.

 Deliverables and Expectations:

Mood boards or Story Boards
Architecture/Design Document (other artifacts necessary for the solution and transition to state)
Provide best in class UI/UX Design considering Industry Standards
Well-tested functional PWA Application integrated with backend API Gateway and web services.
Prepare and submit Weekly Status Reports to the DSS IT Manager
Follow the Project Change Control Procedure
Resolve deviations from the estimated schedule
Review the monthly project status, acting on issues, actions and recommendation set forth in the Weekly Status Reports
Formats for regular reports and issue logs will also be established.
Respond to emails in a timely manner
Ensure all code, artifacts and work done for this engagement is transitioned to the state source control on a regular basis. There will be no proprietary work that can be claimed for this engagement. All services provided by the vendor/consultant/resource for this engagement will be owned by the state.
Maintain project communications
Comply with DSS policies and procedures
Review and provide feedback on measurable and achievable deliverables daily; review timelines with the project manager
Provide daily status on the deliverables for the day
Work with team members to facilitate technical sessions
Address and/or escalate issues or risks to deliverables in a timely manner to prevent delays in schedules
Use the DSS-supplied shared site to store and collaborate on project documentation
Be responsible for reviewing project tasks, schedules, and resources and make changes or additions, as appropriate; measuring and evaluating progress against the Project Management Plan (PMP) with DSS
Address and resolve deviations from the PMP
Participate in regularly scheduled project status meetings
Other specified duties as requested by the state related to this engagement.


Contract Timeline and Work Schedule: DSS expects to engage the local consultant as soon as the paper work is processed with the possibility of an extension based on DSS’s needs. All work will be performed in eight (8) hour shifts, 5 days per week, from 8 to 4:30 pm (EST) on normal scheduled business days (Monday to Friday), excluding State holidays and furlough days. Consultants will not be paid for state holidays or closures or time that the consultant is not working. The state may choose to change the hours of working for the consultant as per operations needs Payment will be on a time and material basis and paid only for hours worked.

Deliverables: The descriptions under “Scope of Work” form a guide to the anticipated work, as it is currently envisioned. These tasks may be adjusted, reduced or expanded as the project progresses through various phases. The consultant(s) shall be expected to maintain and provide written documentation on any work performed in conjunction with this engagement.

State Resources and Oversight: The State will provide support and guidance to the consultant(s) selected for this project. The DSS IT Manager will be responsible for coordination of resources and services with consultant.

Consultants who fail to meet the requirements of the duties stated above, including providing quality deliverables on time, DSS may take the following steps:

After the first lapse, DSS may provide a verbal warning to the consultant.
Failure to correct the behavior or after a second lapse, DSS may issue a written warning to the consultant, including a copy to the vendor.
Failure to correct the behavior or after a third lapse, DSS may take further actions, including, but not limited to, termination of the engagement.
Security/Privacy Considerations: Information accessible by the consultant(s) may be sensitive, confidential or subject to the Privacy Act and/or HIPAA. The consultant(s) must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of appropriate regulations and/or instructions. Signing of a confidentiality agreement and taking the mandatory DSS security and compliance online training will be required. The display of an access badge will be required at all times that the consultant(s) is present in the facility.


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