Job Description :

#Direct Client Requirement

Job Title: Business Intelligence Infrastructure Engineer
Location: remote any US - supporting PST team
Duration: 8+ Months

Virtual Interviews

Job Description:
Join our DevOps team as the technical liaison between data analytics team and engineers to help build and maintain our BI infrastructure.
Build, design and debug/maintain our ETL processes.
Build, design and maintain our data warehouse (DW). Requires familiarity/understanding of star schemas.
Work closely with the analytics team to build/update required infrastructure as needed.
Work with the engineering team to understand and apply infrastructure changes in the ETL and DW.
Possibly rebuild/rewrite the BI infrastructure in the future.
Experience with Spark using RDDs, Dataframes, Datasets, Partitioning, Transformations, Actions, UDFs (User Defined Functions), JSON parsing, Broadcast variables (nice to know)
A minimum of 3 years' experience with Scala using 3rd party libraries.
Experience developing and using REST APIs.
A minimum of 3 years' experience with SQL based data bases - MySql, PostgresQL, Redshift,
Proficiency in SQL
Familiarity with EMR Spark Cluster - AWS EMR, AWS Data Pipeline (Plus)
Desired Characteristics
Experience with Java or Python.
Strong analytical skills - ability to understand the constraints of a problem and identify the tradeoffs
Outstanding ability to analyze, troubleshoot and solve complex problems
Outstanding communications, relationship building, and collaboration skills


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