Job Description :
Sales | PM
Chantilly, VA
Preferred: Who has experience with our competitor companies like Trax Retail, Planorama
PM Role:
A) Should be and experienced on managing complexed projects
B) 100% dedicate on the project and not managing it on top of other responsibilities - should be a top-priority
C) Due to similarities of work, one PM can handle more than one Deployment =
Project (run in parallel more than one Bottler - but no more than two at the same time)
D) Should be located at the same time zone where the project/s is going to =
PM scope of responsibilities:
A) Internally:
1. Monitor on a daily bases the progress on:
- Product on-boarding and SKUs Images injection to the engine
- model creation
- model training and image gathering with SKUs distribution
2. Gaps identification and creation of relevant corrective action plans
3. Steering the different teams on a daily bases and report the progress vs=
the agreed SLAs
4. Provide ongoing transparency and communication between the teams
5. Maintain the ongoing reports and constant update on results
6. Secure cross-functional alignment and synchronization of the work betwee=
n the teams
7. Work close with the application and integration teams to ensure end-to-e=
nd coordination and completeness of the working solution
B) With the customer
1. define the detailed scope of the project
2. creates and maintains the detailed project charter and keep the constant=
3. Define all relevant key stakeholders and ensure clear and frequent commu=
nication and awareness on the progress
4. Establish relevant project governance and routines to keep the project t=
eam engaged and aware on tasks, deadlines and achievements
5. Define and document all relevant use cases in the scope of the project
6. Ensure completeness of all documentation linked to solution architecture=
, integration, design, deploy and support,
7. Ensure proper coordination between different teams - from the customer a=
nd from the vendor side
8. Deliver ongoing clarity on the results, alerts on the gaps and creation/=
follow up on the corrective action plans
8. Provides on time all administrative documentation - contracts, SLAs, SoW=
, POs, pricing and payment terms,
9. Monitor and report the status from a budget perspective
10. Prepare all materials for the different project status routines and Steering Committees

Insigma Inc
24805 Pinebrook Rd, Suite 315
Chantilly, VA 20152