Job Description :
Job Title : Fullstack Developer (164725)
Client Company : Leading Banking Company
location : Portland, OR
Contract length: 12 months
Pay Rate: DOE
Required Experience:
An ideal developer will have experience with components at each layer of modern web applications. A modern full-stack web developer should have experience with many of the following languages, technologies, platforms,
and frameworks. It is rare to find developers with the full following list but our internal developers speak most of these technologies every day and
we are looking for like-minded developers:
Some familiarity with JavaScript (TypeScript a plus)
Some familiarity with NodeJS
Ideal candidate has extensive production experience providing
back-end solutions leveraging:
Ideal candidate has extensive experience with Scala (framework exposure to scalaz or cats-effect a plus)
Experience architecting and deploying highly scalable distributed systems.
Ideal candidate has extensively worked with public RESTful interfaces and can describe the tenets of REST, compare REST to SOAP, and describe REST best practices
Ideal candidate understands the tenets of protecting client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients / consumers of service data.
Experience across the full software lifecycle; have a DevOps mindset.
Ideal candidate has performed primary product development with GIT based source control solutions (Github, Gitlab, etc
Ideal candidate should understand concepts such as rebasing, squashing, cherry picking, and tagging.
Ideal candidate will have worked with unix based SQL, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Oracle, etc
Test Automation Tools
Ideal candidate has worked with Functional and Unit test based frameworks to develop automated tests.
Familiarity with Splunk and Grafana would be a plus.
Other helpful skills / experience:
Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployments (CD)
Ideal candidate has worked on projects with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI, etc)
Container Technologies and Container Orchestration platforms
Ideal candidate has worked on projects with container based solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, EKS, etc)
Scrum experience is desirable
Functional Programming

Client : Leading Banking Company