Job Description :
Full Stack C# Developer
W2 Only
1. Mandatory skills – the person must be STRONG in each discipline and will have to explain in detail
1. Developing applications using C
2. Using ASP.NET Web API to develop web services.
3. Developed software in SCRUM environment using Agile methodologies.
4. Minimum 2 years of experience with Webpack module loader and NPM in a production environment
5. Minimum 3 years ASP.NET MVC stack
6. Minimum 3 years of experience with Angular 2 (or greater)
7. Minimum 5 years working with JSON/XML and RESTful APIs in a production environment
8. Solid understanding of object-oriented programming techniques (Inheritance, interfacing, extensions, etc
9. Solid understanding of HTML5 specs, browser shortcomings/differences, and polyfills
10. Solid understanding of CSS syntax
11. Solid understanding of Bootstrap CSS components and how/when to use each
2. Personality
1. Passion for the programming but concentration on user experience / frontend and learning the plethora of information out there
2. You have a solid general understanding of application components, what happens on the front end, what happens on the back end and how they communicate
3. You’re a professional. That means you follow through on commitments, meet deadlines, don’t cut corners, consider other people’s ideas, play nice with the team, learn from your mistakes, document things and communicate honestly and proactively if you anticipate an issue doing any of the above
4. Ability to effectively work on multiple projects simultaneously and effectively contend with competing priorities
5. Possess strong troubleshooting, code optimization and refactoring skills
3. Nice to haves
2. Designers eye
3. Experience with UX patterns and ability to design complex applications
4. Experience with CSS precompilers (SASS,LESS)
5. Multi-threaded programming experience in both procedural and functional paradigm
6. Experience with client side optimization (GZIP, sprites, minification, obfuscation, browser caching)
7. Experience developing and maintaining cloud based solutions in AWS