Job Description :
FrontEnd IOS Developer
NewYork, NY
Long term

Required Skills:

polyglot engineer with minimum 5-6 years of experience, comfortable with type-safety, duck-typing, strongly typed languages, single-threaded and multi-threaded environments, classical inheritance and prototyped inheritance, who writes in SOLID by default. If you can speak Swift and JavaScript, understand how to code within the confines of a mobile device and scale up and out to global systems, we’d like to talk to you. The specific languages are less important than a proven ability to pick up new paradigms quickly. This is the perfect role for someone who cares about code craft and wants to explore how it manifests in multiple code bases.
Professional experience with Objective-C or Swift is a huge plus. Experience with Data Science and data visualization or Azure is a plus. What You’ll Do · Data visualization served on iOS devices - you’ll shadow the creative technologist and then polish the code base. · Collaborate with Frontend and Backend engineers to deliver final features and increase test coverage.
Qualifications · Professional experience with diverse programming languages. · Skilled in mobile development or mobile development concepts. · Agile · Experienced in git-based source control practices.
Soft Skills · Enthusiasm for clean code and architecture. · Curiosity. · Willingness to take on unfamiliar technologies and challenges. · A commitment to code craft. · Patience and fortitude to experiment, fail, and do better the next time.
Education · Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

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