Job Description :
position:FrontEnd Developer
Duration:Full Time

What you should know:
At least 2 years of software engineering, with consistently advancing skills and responsibilities.
Experience with at least one functional/scripting language (JavaScript, Python
Strong skills with any contemporary UI framework or library, such as React, AngularJS, or VUE.
Experience in building contemporary scalable solutions, supporting high load and availability,
understanding caching, sharding, container-based architecture.
Experience in working with any cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, RedHat, etc.
Experience in contemporary code quality practices: writing unit and integration tests, using test
coverage, CI/CD, etc.
It would be great if you also had:
A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar field.
Experience in C# as that’s what we’re using to build our logic.
Experience in building a microservice architecture.
Experience in working with data storages (SQL or NoSQL
Experience in writing CI/CD pipelines, using Docker and/or Kubernetes, and container-oriented
Experience in using CDN to deliver static content.
Experience in CQRS and/or Event Sourcing.
Experience in working with GraphQL

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