Job Description :

Front End Developer II

Location: MN - Minneapolis (Remote)

Duration: 12+ month

Project Description:

The Enhance team's vision is to create and support product detail pages that will improve our customers shopping experience by anticipating their needs at the different stages either in their shopping journey or during product ownership.

Why our team exists?

As stewards of the product detail page, we provide customers with the information that builds trust and confidence in their shopping journey decisions.

What do we do?

We listen and research to identify and solve customer friction points

We collaborate and align strategies across partner teams.

We aggregate, curate and optimize the PDP customer experience.

This team is also responsible for the new / existing UI components in the, with Product Detail Page (PDP) being the primary focus, however the components that are built for PDP will also be designed to work for other use cases were applicable. (Listing Pages, Home Page, etc.,)

Key position responsibilities include:

Develop front end components and libraries in JavaScript leveraging frameworks like React JS, Redux, Node JS, and so on.

Develop reusable monitoring frameworks that provide insights into the components during runtime.

Use modern technology to build accessible, innovative, and highly interactive user interfaces and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

Optimize web components for maximum speed and scalability.

Write unit tests and integration tests for business requirements.

Participating in learning communities related to all aspects of the work.

Providing quality and thoughtful feedback on peer code reviews.

How much time will the resource spend pair programming?

Our teams are not setup for day-day pair programming. While being remote, we do occasionally spend < 10% of our time in pair programming.

What are the top five skills and number of years of experience required to perform this job?

Minimum of 3 years related technology experience with bachelors degree.

Minimum of 2 years experience as a software developer in working with JavaScript.

At least 1 year of experience with modern JavaScript frameworks (ES2015+, Babel) like React.js, Redux and Node.js.

Minimum of 2+ years experience in an agile and continuous delivery environment.

1+ years experience in unit testing tools such as Jasmine, Jest, or Mocha/Chai.

1+ years experience in dependency management using npm or Yarn.

What are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for?

Experience working in customer facing frontend applications.

1+years'experience using LESS or SASS.

1+ years' experience using HTML5/CSS3.

1+ years experience in build tools such as Webpack, Parcel, Gulp.js, or Grunt.

Experience in GraphQL a plus.

Experience using version control systems such as SVN or Git.

Experience with bug tracking software such as Jira or ClearQuest.

Respect and Collaborate in a fast-paced environment with different stakeholders including engineers, testers, product managers, and user experience leads.


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