Job Description :
Hi please check and let me know,
Position: Front End UI Developer
Loc: Charlotte, NC
6 months
Phone and Skype

Requirement:::Front End Developer
Excellent knowledge of hand-coded HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the DOM
Knowledge of JavaScript packages, package managers, bundlers, and their use in building complex interactive experiences
Strong React/Redux experience
Familiarity with concepts related to data flow and component driven architectures (with practical experience based on React, Vue, Angular, or the like)
Experience using CSS grids and building responsive websites with scalability in mind
Experience leading small teams and mentoring junior developers
Understanding of SEO and accessibility issues and how they relate to development
Awareness of TCP/IP networking considerations, ability to optimize applications for a variety of device capabilities and network conditions
Solid understanding of browser rendering, and ability to fine-tune an experience
Ability to cut necessary visual assets from PhotoShop and/or Sketch files, and optimize them appropriately
Experience working with large branded websites, content management systems, E-commerce platforms, and backend frameworks (Java, .NET) is a plus
Bachelor’s degree in interactive development or computer science is a plus