Job Description :

looking for up to (6) resources to begin onboarding  

Forensics experience 

The shifts would be 9AM – 5PM and 5PM – 1AM.  Beginning tomorrow and probably working more than 8 hours a day and on the week-end.]

What we are looking for are people with forensic experience or certifications – EnCE, CFCE.
Experience with EnCase, FTK, Magnet Forensics Axiom, X-Ways, Cellebrite, MacQuisition, Paladin and other forensic tools or acquisition tools.
Experience performing forensic acquisitions of live or dead systems using a variety of tools.
Experience at Windows startup, registry and group policy to identify anomalies for malware persistence mechanisms.
Experience with memory analysis and Volatility.
Malware reverse engineering is a big plus.

Additional role definition


EnCE – Encase Forensic Certification and Training

GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)

Magnet AXIOM Forensic Certification and Training

FTK Certification and Training

Exeprience with:

KAPE, X-Ways, F-Response, Volatility

RAM Collection and Analysis


MCSE Certified

Experience in VMware/vSphere Administration and Technician

Hyper-V Administration and Technician

Server Build Experience with Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems

Experience with Server Storage and Backups

Experience in viewing System Startup Services, Registry Hives and Group Policy


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