Job Description :
Looking for Azure Solutions Architect having 7 + years of hands on experience in Azure Solutions architecture, automate, optimise, support and transformation from IaaS to PaaS solutions. Designing SaaS , and server less cloud architecture solutions.?? Candidate must have Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-300)

Roles and Responsibilities:
Create and configure storage account, implement Azure AD authentication for storage, install and use Azure Storage Explorer, manage access keys, monitor activity log by using Azure Monitor logs

Automate deployment of VMs, Modify Azure Resource Manager template, configure location of new VMs, configure VHD template, deploy from template

Manage Azure Active Directory, add custom domains, configure Azure AD Identity Protection

Create and deploy apps, Create web apps by using PaaS, Create an Azure app service Web, Apps, Create documentation for the API, Create an App Service Web App for Containers, Create an App Service background task by using WebJobs, Enable diagnostics logging

Design and develop apps that run in containers, Configure diagnostic settings on resources, Create a container image by using a Dockerfile, Create an Azure Kubernetes Service, Publish an image to the Azure Container Registry, Implement an application that runs on an Azure Container Instance, Manage container settings by using code, Conducting architectural evaluation, analysis, and design of enterprise-wide systems

Develop for the cloud Azure storage, Configure a message-based integration architecture, Develop for autoscaling, Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage, Develop solutions that use a relational database.

Implement authentication and secure data, Configure an app or service to send emails configure Event Grid, configure the Azure Relay service

Determine workload requirements Gather information and requirements, Optimize consumption strategy, Design an auditing and monitoring strategy

Design for identity and security Design identity management,Design authentication, Design authorization, Design for risk prevention for identity, Design a monitoring strategy for identity and security.

Design a data platform solution, Design a data protection strategy, Design and document data flows, Design a monitoring strategy for the data platform

Design for deployment, migration, and integration Design deployments, Design migrations( recommend a migration strategy, design data import/export strategies during migration, determine the appropriate application migration method) and Design an API integration strategy ( design an API gateway strategy, determine policies for internal and external consumption of APIs)

Having the experience of re-structuring an “on-prem” EA system into a cloud native system to ensure maximum leverage of cloud services and ensures cost effectiveness


Certification of Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-300)
Background in writing code in Java, Python, C# or any other of the programming languages which have an official AWS SDK.

7 + Years of experience in following

Manage scalable and reliable micro-services and containers, Create and Deploy Docker Image from DockerFile, Deploy an Application in ACI, Deploy an Application in AKS

Create and Deploy Alert Rules for Azure Resources, Analyze the data in your metric database, Create and Configure Azure Log Analytics, Deploy Azure App Insights Service
Create a Service Bus Queue, Deploy Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions, Design and
Implement Azure Service Bus, Enable Auto Scale based on CPU Metrics Or Schedule, Implement Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Create and Deploy Azure Data Lake, Create and Deploy Azure Cosmos DB, Create an App Service Plan, Create a Web App Instance, Use shell commands to create an App Service Web App, Create a Continuous WebJob.

Client : IT cloud migration