Job Description :
Title: Firmware Engineer
Location: Houston, TX
Education: Bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics or engineering
Required Experience/Skills:
- Demonstrated experience in embedded system development and firmware
- Experience interfacing software and hardware
- Ability to troubleshoot complex issues, selecting and using appropriate debugging tools.
- Design architecture of embedded systems, test and debugging plans.
- Capability of assessing embedded design on physical system (power, timing, etc.)
- Good understanding of digital and analog circuits. Familiar with electronics equipment used for circuit analysis/troubleshooting (e.g. Oscilloscope).
- Understanding of memory mapping, memory types, memory map peripherals, interrupts
- Good knowledge and experience in C/C++ on embedded platform.
- Deep understanding and hands on development experience with ARM microcontrollers using RTOS in complex multi-team environment.
- Experience with serial communication protocols (UART, RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, CAN, )
- Knowledge of network protocols (TCP, UDP, Bluetooth and other file transfer protocols)
- Experience with Real time Operating System (Unix, CMX, ) and driver development.
- Familiar with data encoding/decoding/compression techniques, design and implementation of digital filters and DSP algorithms, DFT, data analysis and interpretation skills, hands on experience on fixed as well as floating point processors etc.
- Familiar with MatLab, Simulink, FPGA programing, ARM, STM32, ADC, DAQ, etc.
- Experience in Motor Control (BLDC) modelling & simulation, control algorithm development, integration and testing on embedded platform is a plus.
- Good knowledge of programming languages; operating systems; firmware; BIOS; device drivers; databases; system, network, operating system, and application administration; embedded software/firmware; tools and utilities, as applicable
- Knowledge of software architectures and applications
- Adequate knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components
- Strong documentation and writing skill
- Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review Demonstrated experience that displays an ability to learn and apply new skills
- A demonstrated ability to work alone AND in teams
- An understanding of scrum based development practices
- Interfacing with electrical engineering to design and troubleshoot board level issues
- Ability to code/debug sophisticated programs using design specifications

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