Job Description :
Firmware Development Sr. Staff Engineer

Phoenix, AZ. And Bay Area, CA

Long Term


* Embedded firmware architecture and design to orchestrate hardware accelerators
* End-to-system firmware development to include power-management, boot loaders, scheduling, RTOS and/or bare-metal implementations
* Develop OS custom kernel drivers and APIs for hardware accelerators and peripherals
* Support all phases of SoC development - including early architecture requirements definition for custom silicon, firmware architecture, implementation, simulation, FPGA debug, chip bring up and support systems and software teams on algorithm development on validated systems
* Provide high quality software development in conjunction with an ability to lead a multifurcation team allocating task to pursue efficient timely execution


B.S. degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and 10+ years of experience in firmware development

Experience in software design and programming in C/C++ for development, debugging, testing and performance analysis

Experience in understanding hardware, clock-level issues, bridges, delays, interrupts, clock gating, polling etc.


* 5+ years of experience in embedded firmware design for low level OS stack possibly for low-power mobile SoC
* 10+ years of programming in C/C++ ( Required )
* 2+ year of Android or other OS development
* Experience with lab instrumentation like oscilloscope, logic/protocol analyzers for debugging embedded systems at HW level
* Familiarity with embedded micro-controllers'' architecture
* Hands-on coding experience with peripherals such as UART, SPI, CSI-2, i2c, GPIO, USB
* Experience in real-time processing for computer vision and user interaction tasks, high-compute/throughput systems and using simulation and modeling technique to estimate performance and power
* Hands-on experience with FPGA and hardware evaluation boards, EDA design tools, and/or ISA simulators
* Experience with Android Kernel/Framework experience, linux kernel, ARM Platforms, power management, on-device firmware (MCU or DSP), device bring up and bootloaders, User Space/Core Services, BSP, Networking, Storage, Wireless, Security, Graphics, Audio.
* Experience with design and implement OS components at all layers of the system, e.g. kernel, synchronization primitives, resource allocators, memory management, security, I/O systems, persistence, etc

Thanks & Regards

Mohammed Shoaib

Sage IT Inc.


Client : Accenture