Job Description :

Job Purpose:

  • Financial Analyst is responsible to provide controlling and major stakeholders with value-added business and financial analysis on trends on which sound business arguments/decisions can be made. This analysis shall be used not only for insight into the business results but also be used as a sound basis for any forecasting, budgeting, and business strategy processes.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Month-end reporting:

  • Cost trend analysis, highlighting areas of fluctuation against the budget but also anomalies to help the business take pro-active measures
  • Cross-check sales commission status and align with local finance and central controlling
  • Logic tests with to sales and cost of sales mix
  • Customer profitability and forecast quality scorecard creation
  • Funnel reconciliation and analysis


  • Help create the baseline data whilst providing support and analysis to the sales team to ensure a clear and fact-based bottom-up sales budget which ties to the OPEX and headcount planning
  • Act in a supporting role for the controlling department in the creation and consolidation of full group budget

Sales analysis:

  • Analyse customer monthly sales and product mix to be able to provide data-driven feedback to sales to understand customer buying behaviour
  • Work together with product management discount behaviour of certain customers and or product lines
  • Customer and product line deviation analysis v's budget and last year
  • Funnel review to provide sales with early warning signs of potential gaps due to funnel movements
  • Ad-hoc analysis to provide greater insight into install base, funnel, actual performance
  • Support Director Business Controlling with Quarterly Business Review documentation and standard KPI Scorecards for the sales teams

Commercial governance:

  • Assist finance team with Credit Check information (eg using D&B tool or public data)
  • Check that discounts given are approved and documented
  • Work with sales and controlling to review the sales funnel against overdue receivables and provide on-time credit level warnings
  • Work with Director Business Controlling on setting up and implementing a clear set of best practice commercial rules within sales and controlling

Sales commission:

  • Support controlling of reporting of actual v's budget performance per sales rep
  • Ensure all communication is documented and referred to in a timely manner

Data integrity:

  • Make data checks on the funnel and actual sales/billings to ensure correct role up and that the close dates in the funnel are up to date
  • Align with Business Operations on planned deliveries and incoterms are correct when referring to sales revenue forecasting


  • Facilitate sales and business operations with value-added business support based on facts and future predictions, being ahead of the curve.
  • Support to regional Finance lead if required with relevant business analysis
  • Support the budget process by supplying bottom-up analysis and business arguments for the reasoning behind the planning.
  • Act as a sparring partner with Director Business controlling on possible report creation/improvements to ensure that the message to the organization is data-driven and easy to understand
  • Performs, reviews and approve ad-hoc analyses that potentially have a significant impact on one or more business units and is dedicated to various stakeholder.
  • Be the regional lead for commission planning and execution, reporting back to the central Controlling team

Special Projects:

  • Maintenance Renewal Control
  • Continued improvement for full integration of recently acquired business's
  • Stock controlling / business advice
  • Customer trend analysis: revenue / discount / payment behaviour
  • Facilitate in sales funnel accuracy with sales
  • Transfer pricing control
  • Business optimization within the region

Special Conditions:

  • Restricted holiday at month-, quarter- and year-end (as well between Christmas and New Year);
  • Flexibility in times of increasing workload;
  • Confidentially about business plans and personal data.

 Organizational Responsibility:

  • Reports to Director Business Controlling.
  • Contributes to and liaises with all departments within the American entities in Campbell and Ashburn.
  • Close co-operation with Finance / Sales and Business Operations.

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