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This position within the Bureau of Education, Outreach, and Marketing will gather, organize, mine, analyze, and present data from several databases
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Overview: This position within the Bureau of Education, Outreach, and Marketing will gather, organize, mine, analyze, and present data from several databases. These include; the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS), Boat Registration and Titling System (RATS), Event Management System, email management and distribution system, and public survey systems. Results of analysis will be used to guide Bureau efforts to increase the number of fishing license buyers, boat registrants/launch permit buyers, and other marketing and outreach activities. Description of tasks. • Build and maintain databases used to describe and predict customer behavior • Utilizes database, spreadsheet, and statistical software, including developing custom statistical software queries, to process, manipulate, and statistically analyze data. • Applies financial, statistical, and/or mathematical methods to analyze data. Routinely carry out basic levels of analysis, such as descriptive statistics and simple tests of significance. • Analyzes data collection, organization, and processing methods and recommends revisions to improve data validity, reliability, and relevance. • Develop reports summarizing data at the population level. Presents summary-level information through regularly scheduled reports. • Develop queries to identify individuals meeting specific criteria (or multiple criteria), such as prior license purchase history or demographic variables, and provide that data for use in marketing campaigns and communication efforts. • Develop custom queries and reports upon request. • Prepares reports, tables, charts, and graphs. • Develops and/or maintains documentation such as planning documents, procedures, and forms. • Organize, maintain, and manage customer information utilized in marketing and communication campaigns, and provide data to program managers for use in these campaigns. • Assist in the development of strategies to evaluate R3 actions and determine most appropriate means to carry out analysis and present the results. • Organize, analyze, and present data collected through public surveys conducted internally or by third-party vendors. • Gather, organize, analyze, and present data on user experiences from media platforms and services such as Google Analytics and social media management systems. • Proficient in Microsoft SQL, Jaspersoft, Tableau, R, and other data/analytic platforms. • Experience in HTML and other web application coding preferred, but not required. Experience and Training Four-year college degree in computer science or a related field with advanced study preferred; certifications specific to database design and management preferred. Ten or more years of relevant experience in construction, design, and utilization of database and analytical systems. Five or more years of experience providing consulting services to government