Job Description :
Role: ETL Developer
Duration: 12+ months
Location: 100% Remote

  • Working to do data normalization for ACI's customers. Helping to pull data together for their customers, so that they can observe that their sales and purchases all line up as it relates to stocks. does all the normalization for data. Normalizing the country code and the format of all that data.
  • Markit EDM is a very niche IT skill, so open to SSIS/ETL
  • Does ETL processes, but it's specifically a tool that is used by the financial industry to master (normalize) data
  • Use tableau here for reports, but doesn't expect anyone on the market team to write tableau reports
  • Doing IF-THEN statements and running stored procedures for transformations. The market has the exact same stuff as SSIS. In SSIS, you just double-click the transformation area that you're doing the work in Market EDM and you can see each step. SSIS is more of a free-formed packaging solution.
  • Team is to prove out AI for the organization and the value of Machine Learning
  • SSIS expert
  • ETL Development (DataStage)
  • Pulling data from flat files into Microsoft databases and outputting the master file to another location. Straight source to target data mapping.
  • Experience running Data transformations
  • Strong communication
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field with at least 3 years of related work experience.

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