Job Description :
Role: Enterprise Architect Location: Toronto, ON Mode: Full time Job Summary : Enterprise team needs an architect to create specifications of already functional Kubernetes based platform for containerized applications in the organization, analyze organization processes and technology options available from providers and establish baselines and benchmarks that will help in defining target state architecture. The goal is to create efficient, reusable and flexible platform to onboard microservices based applications. Tasks : 1. Perform system analysis of existing platform based on Kubernetes 2. Gather requirements through discussion with various stakeholders 3. Write specification in gherkin language 4. Evaluate different options available from cloud providers for various services required for containerized platform 5. Conduct research to find cost effective ways to improve our architecture and operation with flexibility 6. Help architecture team in defining architecture aligned with organization best practices and reusing organization assets and complying with standards while using best options available through open source or cloud providers Qualifications and skills : 1. Experience in defining and implementing platform strategies 2. Extensive experience with enterprise architecture best practices and goals 3. Experience in application containerization with knowledge on Docker, Kubernetes ecosystem 4. Experience on Azure and Google cloud 5. Knowledge on creating immutable infrastructure using Infrastructure as code and DevOps 6. Experience on ArchiMate will be advantage.