Job Description :
The Office of Information Services (OIS) is a shared service provider for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Department of Human Services (DHS OIS provides the technology systems and services that support more than 11,000 OHA and DHS agency staff at local offices and facilities around the state. These systems and services help the two agencies determine client service program eligibility; provide medical, housing, food and job assistance; provide addiction, mental health, vocational and rehabilitative services; protect children, seniors and people with physical and/or developmental disabilities; process claims and benefits; manage provider licensing and state hospital facilities; and promote and protect the state public health.

Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) is modernizing and optimizing its data warehouse environment. The Office of Research, Reporting, Analytics and Implementation (ORRAI) is responsible for data warehousing, reporting and analytics for ODHS. ORRAI is responsible for serving all five ODHS programs.

ORRAI has created a secure and sound data warehouse (DW) which supports reporting, dashboards, and analytics. These reporting and dashboard tools, in conjunction with analytics, provide the foundation for business insight and making informed decisions. ODHS/ORRAI is modernizing the current data warehouse using contractors and ORRAI staff.

ODHS recently completed an assessment to validate and confirm the current DW implementation strategy is aligned with ODHS goals. The assessment also suggested a modernization plan would benefit from a complement of contracted staff and in-house data warehouse experts. Maintaining the existing warehouse while developing a modernized DW is impossible without an influx of resources.

The modernized DW will better address needs of data consumers and programs by creating a self-service BI model. To achieve this result, the agency has standardized on Microsoft’s Power BI. To achieve this goal of creating a self-service BI model, ORRAI recognizes the need address the following areas:

Semantic model design and development (e.g. SSAS and Power BI tabular models)
Building Analysis Services Tabular models (e.g. DAX queries)
Power BI reporting, Power Query and analysis tool design and development
SSBI Deployment, Power BI Administration, operations/governance best practices
Power BI end user adoption
ORRAI SSBI staff development and mentoring
Scope of work:

Make DW architecture more agile and accessible
Create data layers that align with a dimensional model (Star Schema); that model reflects the programmatic and business needs of ODHS. This data layer should be designed (Model-storming and using our standard tools such as WhereScape) to be compatible with any data visualization tool, any analytic tool, and have the flexibility to change and adapt to new data sources. In addition, the data layer should be optimized to process mass amounts of data.
Tabular model design, development, testing and deployment
Power BI report design, development, testing and deployment
Lead process in creating a dashboard/visualization strategy
Power BI and SSBI environment setup and configuration
ORRAI team mentoring
SSBI adoption and governance strategy
Improve performance and reliability of hosting
Assist with assessment of hosted, cloud service and make recommendations on best services.
Audit existing data systems; models, queries, data quality, security, and suggest a modernization roadmap.
Required skills and experience:

Excellent understanding of Microsoft SQL Server Stack (SSAS, SSRS)
Proficient with Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack and Data Analytics
Power BI development and administration
Familiar (experience) and understanding of WhereScape tool/technology
Proficient in design and fully functional dashboards/reports on MS Power BI
Proficient and understanding of Power BI Services environment (workspaces, dataflows)
Experience of conversation of SSRS reports into Power BI Reports and Power BI dashboard
Develop recommended data modeling standards for consideration; best practices
Develop recommended user of Power BI standards based on existing platform
In addition, the ideal candidate will have skills and experience in:

Requirement analysis
Data Analytics
WhereScape tool sets
Power BI
Power BI Report Builder
Graphical design
Encompassing all listed skills and experience required/desired, this position will be responsible for building, optimizing, and deploying Power BI data visualization dashboards and reports. Qualifications include extensive hands-on experience in Power BI, including dimensional modelling, report layout/design and development, deep expertise in Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), working with on-premises EDW and SSAS, and extensive RLS knowledge and deep understanding of the Power BI Service.

Please make sure resumes submitted CLEARLY reflect the required skills and experience. Resumes that do not reflect the required skills will be rejected, regardless of how you respond to the Qualifications

Covendis rate card description for a Enterprise Architect IV:

Individuals in this position have achieved a mastery level of experience that includes the capabilities of Software Engineers 1, 2 and 3 and who have the knowledge, skills, education and prior experience that involves the full and complete design of enterprise software solutions. Is able to clearly communicate and document designs both at a logical and physical level and work with other technical stakeholders as needed. Supports the activities of the Enterprise Architecture program. Requires a bachelor''s degree in area of specialty and at least 9 years or equivalent experience in the field or in a related area.