Job Description :
Job Title : End-user computing Consultant
Job Description :
Estimate 6 months work will be extended. Bank offices are currently closed due to Covid. When bank re-opens, anticipate 2-3 days per week onsite in mid-town Manhattan, New York. If interested email a copy of your resume.
We can set up a time to talk.
End-user computing Consultant Responsibilities :
* Document the EUC's workflow
* Prepare curriculum and train end-users with each feature of the EUC and technical skills to use it
* Support the end-users with the EUC. Troubleshoot when need.
* Report progress to the management and teams
* Create reports
* Support lead developer and project manager with the EUC
* Gather, analyze and organize data, files, requirements and operational flows for EUC when instructed
* Provide development of codes and database when instructed
* Support multiple projects related to the EUC such as E-Workflow System
* Communicate with end-users, traders, multiple teams, departments and vendors for all projects related to EUC
End-user computing Consultant Mandatory Skills :
* Object Oriented Programming (OPP)
* Advanced understanding of VBA (e.g. Class modules, late binding to Win10's core functions and SQL Database)
* Access
* MS-Office
* Basic understanding of IT infrastructure (STP, Network, Server and PC)
* Basic understanding of the major financial products (Bonds, Repo, FX, Futures, TBA/MBS, IRS and CCS)
End-user computing Consultant Assignment Length : 6 months
End-user computing Consultant Location : New York, New York
End-user computing Consultant Start Date : January 19, 2021