Job Description :

Candidate Responsibilities

The On-Board Condition & Performance Monitoring Section team is part of the Innovation & Technology Development Division (ITDD), which has global responsibility for advancing technologies to support future product needs. Many exciting technologies are being identified and developed for future Machine and Power System Products, including site optimization, high efficiency powertrains, and alternative power sources. As an Embedded Product Analytics Engineer, you will have the opportunity to direct and contribute to the concept, development, and design of complex components, subsystems, or processes while strengthening your analytical skills and mastery of engineering concepts. You will contribute to the planning and delivery of projects, continually learn and stay abreast of innovative technology, mentor and coach team members, and broaden your professional network.

The successful candidate will be required to work across a broad number of innovative projects including an optimizer for site level control and maintenance, advanced control algorithm for the hybrid applications with energy storage system, and digital based analytics with smart sensor technology. This position will assist in the control development for new products in a rapidly growing market.

Typical Day

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

• Research and develop new technology/control systems and software

• Development, evaluation, and deployment of new control algorithms, diagnostic algorithms, optimization algorithms, tools, and technologies

• Testing and Validation of the control algorithm for new products using Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) & Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations

• Evaluate new products, processes, or systems

• Communicate results to customers, suppliers, team members, and other business units


Education Requirement

• Master degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

• 5+ years of engineering experience related OR

• Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

• 8+ years of engineering experience related


Technical Skills

Top Candidates Will Also Have:

• Extensive experience in MathWorks MatLab/Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape Electrical, and Co-simulation.

• Experience and knowledge of linear control theory and basic PID with physics insight

• Experience and knowledge with advanced nonlinear control disciplines such as adaptive or variable structure/sliding mode control, Intelligent control schemes such as neural networks or fuzzy logic control

• Experience and knowledge with embedded software implementation based on multi-tasking real-time operating systems and/or Linux based operating systems

• Experience and knowledge with version control tools like GIT/Ivy and ClearCase

• In depth knowledge of Generator Controls and Operation

• Experience with controls for hybrid energy plants with renewable sources

• Experience of Software development tools and service tools

• In depth knowledge of Engine Controls

• Be able to debug software using software debuggers (Lauterbach), CANape, CANalyzer, ATI, or the current toolset.

• Be able to design and implement diagnostics into control designs efficiently by understanding failure modes • Be able to Use Mathworks’s m-script language to define datatypes, model interfaces, and map/tune data


Soft Skills Required

• High degree of innovation and entrepreneurship ability

• Strong analytical skills

• Excellent communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills


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