Job Description :
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Select 100 daily ETC transactions for testing;
Verify the vehicle classification to the VES image and/or CCTV;
Verify the customer account is charged the correct amount and the UFM is processed to the correct account;
Verify the indicated revenue and actual revenue to ensure the appropriate rate was applied and collected;
Compare the applicable rate table to the indicated revenue;
Review the transaction detail to determine if there are unusual exception codes or amendments that could impact revenue;
Update the status and disposition of the ETC transactions in the audit system and add any necessary comments;
Identify any anomalies in the frequency of exceptions to ensure any equipment failures are reported and resolved;
Review dynamic express lane rates to ensure the accuracy of a UFM through the express lanes;
Other duties as assigned.


Experience in auditing, testing and/or business (1-2 years);
Experience with collecting, evaluating and analyzing data.

Client : Florida Department of Transportation