Job Description :
Role: .Net Developer
Location: Topeka, KS
GC and USC only
The client is seeking a mid to senior-level .NET developer for a full-time opening in Topeka, KS. At an intermediate level of proficiency, work independently and/or closely with development staff to develop, maintain, and support the software application systems and related tools; provide guidance, instructions, and support to all levels of the staff. The position will assist in the identification of process improvements and recommendations and will assist in the training of junior-level developers.
Participate in the analysis, design, development, documentation, implementation, and maintenance support of applications for all areas through the project life-cycle and across single or multiple systems.
Assist junior developers.
Participate and provide input within project planning as requested.
Report on task progress.
Performs other duties as assigned.
1. Independently or with the direction of senior team members, work closely with clients to diagnose and resolve basic production issues on assigned applications across multiple hardware platforms, software packages and programming languages.
2. Proficient in a minimum of two programming languages.
3. Possess the ability to create a moderate to advanced program with little to no assistance.
4. Display the ability to perform moderate to advanced SQL querying.
5. Display the ability to write applications utilizing relational databases with little to no assistance.
6. Write/Troubleshoot/Invoke/Use stored procedures.
7. Modify existing applications resulting in solutions to existing issues or enhancements to meet future needs of the business.
8. Possess a basic understanding of how applications and security are configured.
9. Display the ability to utilize test environments.
10. Display proficiency with regard to merging code to source control, packaging deployments, and coordinating installations.
11. Assist junior developers as needed.
12. Display proficiency of database design concepts.
13. Continuously expand skill set by learning new languages and techniques. Share knowledge and experience with other members of the IT staff.
14. Willingness to adapt to changing business and technical environments.
15. Report task progress to Project Manager on a regular basis in an agreed upon acceptable format.
16. Flexibility and ability to balance multiple tasks, priorities and deadlines.
17. Accessible via cell phone during core hours, as well as after-hours, as needed, to provide support for normal business operations.
18. Protect business records created or used in business processes to ensure availability, confidentiality, integrity; and the retention and destruction of such as specified by relevant policies.
19. Work to understand various client departments' duties, computerized information systems, underlying data, and effectively design and develop procedures, reports and extracts for them as needed.
20. Understanding of OOP design principles and concepts.
21. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, ability to problem solve, memory for details, ability to prioritize, and ability to maintain concentrated mental and visual attention for sustained periods.
Knowledge and Skills:
Experience: Four to six years of similar or related professional experience in programming (.NET)
Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field or its equivalent.
Interpersonal Skills: Courtesy, tact, and diplomacy are essential elements of the job. Work involves much personal contact with others inside and/or outside the organization, generally regarding routine matters for purposes of giving or obtaining information which may require some discussion.
Other Skills:
1. Intermediate understanding of some combination of database design, programming concepts, and web development is required.
2. Ability to think orderly, logically and analytically and strong problem solving skills.
3. Resourcefulness and creativity when researching new products and techniques.
4. Must be able to work and travel independently and use general office equipment.
5. Must be goal-oriented and have strong sense of team solidarity.
6. Basic understanding of technologies utilized (.NET, C#, SQL)
7. Preferred: Advanced degree or professional certification is preferred.
8. Preferred: Experience with Agile development methods is a plus.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field with at least 3 years of related work experience

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