Job Description :
Job Title: .NET Developer
Location: Round Lake, IL
Duration: 5+ Months

Job Description:
This job requires retrieving manufacturing equipment data through APIs and creating an SQL database for the machine data. From here, the data will be interpreted and displayed through web app dashboards accessible to people around the manufacturing plant. These dashboards will be used to monitor machine performance, track maintenance requests, and track machine turnaround processes. The applicant for this job will be integral in developing both the front end and back end of the web applications. The applicant will be developing in the .NET framework to create live data connections between the SQL database and web applications. There will also be simpler process trackers to be developed that only employ user input. Prototypes of the process trackers and dashboards have been created, but not yet implemented at the manufacturing site. The applicant for this job will be using Angular JS and Node JS to improve upon the existing front end user interfaces. Current efforts are underway to gather feedback for functional improvements as well as user experience improvements of the existing prototypes. This job will work collaboratively with the engineering and manufacturing teams at Round Lake to create a feedback loop for continuous improvement of the data visualization tools.

- Strong experience in data extraction, transformation and consolidation from multiple on-premise and cloud-based source systems using SQL/ PL-SQL, webservices, APIs etc.
- Automation of data extraction and presentation using a job scheduler or scripting tool is necessary
- Proficiency with .NET programming languages (C#, Angular JS, Node JS)
- Strong problem solving and analytical skills
- Collaborative, team player
- Able to balance multiple projects
- Works with urgency

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