Job Description :

Job Description:

Programming Languages, Frameworks, Environments, etc.:

- C#/.NET

- Prioritize experience in .NET Core

- Interest in NET 6 is a plus

- Will need to be working in .NET Framework, but this is not priority

- Still should have experience, preferably extensively, in .NET Core


- Git fundamentals - non-negotiable

- GitHub flow experience preferred (as opposed to git flow)

- Honestly, just knowing the difference shows awareness of the concepts

- GitLab experience a plus

- Particularly experience in GitLab with

- Automating Ci/CD pipelines

- Managing projects/teams

- Mongo

- Note for non-tech people, Mongo is NoSQL, as opposed to SQL

- Priority, but not must have

-Especially ok not to have if they have skills in JavaScript

- Mongo querying as a concept is easy to teach

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • AWS (a plus, not requirement...skill set will be needed for the upcoming migration)

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