Job Description :


Coding within a previously started application as well as completely brand-new development

Building and maintaining architecture

Ability to debug, test, and correct code issues.

Core Requirements

  1. Associates or bachelor's degree in Information Technology from an Accredited College or University in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology with a specialization in Software Development or Computer / Software Engineering plus a solid understanding and skill in Object Oriented Programming
  2. 3 -5 years of experience in software engineering / applications & infrastructure architecture
  3. At least 2 years of API development experience in .NET Core, Node.js, or Spring Boot with a MS SQL or NoSQL database
  4. Experience constructing, developing, and implementing microservices
  5. Experience managing applications in an Azure DevOps environment
  6. Experience with infrastructure as code and Terraform on Microsoft Azure
  7. Have a passion to go above and beyond while achieving solid goal completion in a strict 40-hour schedule
  8. Has an architectural mindset including an understanding of SOLID and DRY principles
  9. Pay rate commensurate with knowledge and experience identified during the interview process
  1. 2+ years of frontend experience with Angular 9+
  2. At least a year of experience as a full stack developer
  3. At least a year of SecDevOps experience
  4. Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert / Azure Developer Associate
  5. Proficiency using Skillsoft / Udemy / Coursera / LinkedIn Learning
  6. Agile Scrum Fundamentals, Product Owner or Scrum Master Certifications

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