Job Description :
DirectClient: Texas Health and Human Services Commission(HHSC)
Title: .Net Architect / Web Developers
Location: 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, TX 78751
Duration: Until 8/31/2021 with possible extension
Last date for submission: November 30, 2020 (2.00 PM-CST)
No. of positions: 4(3- developer/1-architect)

All work regarding this project includes all activities necessary to support the successful completion of all deliverables required within the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Public Health Application (PHA) services for IT Infrastructure Services and IT System Services for the redesign of the Texas Health Safety Network (TxHSN) system. DSHS had originally planned to update the current Maven based reporting system, however, due to ongoing quality issues with the system, DSHS will need to develop and implement a replacement system that meets new business requirements for the program. The replacement system will allow DSHS to improve reporting and tracking of Health Associated Infections (HAI's) and enhance infection prevention activities that may prevent transmission of communicable diseases such as COVID-19 in healthcare facilities. The new system will also be augmented to track infection control assessment and response activities in response to COVID-19 pandemic or other infection prevention emergencies.

Build, implement and maintain software solutions/products to meet business needs utilizing industry standard tools and Agile methodology best practices.
Develops analysis and design strategies, testing strategies, technical designs.
Work with infrastructure teams to setup continuous deployment (CI/CD pipelines) and delivery models.
Code with Test-driven-development, clean code practices and design patterns.
Code with event driven architecture and micro services-oriented architecture.
Assist in the development of user stories, estimates, and work plans.
Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation, and maintenance of software.
Writes documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, and corrections. Writes manual for users to describe installation and operating procedures.
Assists users to solve operating problems and defects.
Applies Object oriented programming principles, Single responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov substitution, Dependency inversion (SOLID) principles during development.
Applies domain-driven design principles to development.
Applies test driven development approach for development and focuses on high test coverage.
Able to work both in team and independently with minimal guidance.
Finds ways to improve solutions, systems, and processes.
Helps in building and maintaining continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) infrastructure.
Develops designs and oversees the implementation of .Net applications and REST services with SQL back end. Establishes software best practices, designs and analyzes requirements and specifications and develops production migration procedures. Provides specifications for the acquisition of tools as required.
Works with application development team to solve technical challenges with industry best practices.
Takes accountability and drives project to the completion
Develops and maintains precise system documentation, guidelines and presentations for management review.
Initiates and creates enterprise strategies and plans for systems administration and security. Prepares and maintains storage management plans, including routine backups, long-term archives, and disaster recovery support. Collaborates in the development and deployment of the Disaster Recovery Plan.
Analyzes enterprise system performance. Develops and implements system performance improvements.
Participates in development activities including code reviews, as well as coding and testing of new enhancements.

Minimum Requirements:
Years Required/Preferred Experience
10 Required Plans, develops, and tests programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems. Formulates plan outlining steps to develop programs, using techniques structured analysis and design or object-oriented development.
10 Required Convert project requirements, using industry-standard object-oriented tools. Generates code into sequenced detailed instructions for coding languages processable by computer. Applied knowledge of computer programming techniques and languages.
10 Required Converts project requirements, problem statements and procedures. Analyses data to create or modify programs. Prepare detailed requirements. Enters program code, input test data, corrects program errors, modifies sequence and provides documentation.
10 Required Experience with Enterprise software development to include 2 years of experience working in an architecture capacity within an enterprise development organization.
10 Required Developing using MS Visual Studio C#, .Net, Asp.Net, Asp.Net Web API
10 Required HTML, CSS LESS, Bootstrap
10 Required NET Core, ASP.Net Core
8 Required Knowledge and experience working with a scrum team in an agile environment to deliver software release sprints for HHSC, on time, with a focus on quality.
5 Required Angular 2+, typescript, Angular JS, JQuery
5 Required SQL Server and Database Design, Create Stored Procedures, SSIS
3 Required Broad knowledge and experience of Microsoft technology, frameworks, solutions, and tools. (i.e. Microsoft Azure
3 Required Possess hands-on knowledge of EIR Accessibility, required technical specifications (US Section 508 and WCAG2.0), and tools used to code / validate for EIR Accessibility. Integrates EIR criteria into planning, design, development, and test phases.
2 Required DevOps
2 Required Scalable application architectures

7 Preferred Years of experience with Enterprise software development to include 2 years of experience working in architecture capacity within an enterprise development organization.
7 Preferred Develops designs and oversees the implementation of .Net applications and REST services with SQL back end.
7 Preferred The primary responsibility of the Application Architect is to provide the overall technology guidance and structure for creating and maintaining the .Net web applications and REST services.
1 Preferred Experience with public health information systems and software applications
1 Preferred Participation in Information Technology projects implementing commercial health registry applications

Client : HHSC