Job Description :
Roles of the Documentation and Communication Specialist : Assist Project Managers to maintain documentation for various stakeholder teams, including, but not limited to, feature documentation, requirements gathering, documentation governance and migration between platforms. Align project documentation across multiple workstreams by promoting standardization Identify the documentation opportunities by collaborating with the SME's, gathering the document requirements and creating tasks for tech pubs to develop the documentation. Collaborate with program teams when new wiki-based documentation needs to be developed, modified or migrated to/from other systems-of-record. Standardize content across multiple platforms and ensure document freshness. Monitor the update frequency of the documents and work with project stakeholders to deprecate obsolete documentation. Develop automation around repetitive manual processes and identify process improvement opportunities. Analyze the documents to ensure compliance with defined standards and maintain various documentation platforms. Manage updates and revisions to numerous documents housed in multiple platforms. Assist with the alignment with the Knowledge Management Program and reporting progress across multiple cross functional teams. Deliverables of the Documentation and Communication Specialist: Feature documentation Wiki pages for project/product and process Project close out documentation Requirement document User guide / user manual Other project and process documentation