Job Description :

We are looking for IT Director @ Green Bay, WI for Contract to hire position

Please find the JD below and let me know your interest.

Responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT functions  This includes directing operations to meet customer requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications and implementation of new technical solutions. This position is also responsible for the safeguarding of data, systems, and infrastructure. Responsible for strategic planning in order to ensure the development and implementation of cost-effective systems and efficient computer operations to meet current and future needs.


·         Develops, communicates and implements a county-wide plan for the strategic use of information technology based on the needs . Plans long-range goals, organizational structure and overall direction for the department to meet Information Technology strategic plans. Monitors implementation to ensure that goals and objectives are being met and that adequate progress is being made on the strategic plans.

·         Manages the selection, procurement, implementation and maintenance of data systems and other technology while providing cost/benefit analysis to support decisions. Facilitates the implementation of enterprise systems and technologies used by multiple departments.

·         Develops and maintains the County's information technology infrastructure, including the computer network and fileservers.

·         Advises the Director of Administration and County Executive on departmental IT needs.

·         Plans, directs and administers the ongoing operations of the Information Technology Department. Provides ongoing measurement of appropriate employee productivity and workload to ensure departmental efficiency and timely completion of projects.

·         Provides support for the County's use of personal computers (PCs) and related technology.

·         Manages the selection, implementation and maintenance of telephone and telecommunications systems for the County.

·         Supports the collaborative networks and assumes a leadership role in developing similar technology initiatives with neighboring governments.

·         Selects, supports, and motivates Information Technology staff; improves internal processes and enables the staff to more easily handle increasing workloads and maintain quality work.

·         Researches, develops and implements plans for disaster recovery.

·         Assists departments with needs assessments to evaluate the desirability of automating certain County functions in terms of operating efficiencies, and feasibility of accomplishing tasks through automation; ensures all approved service and project requests are completed in an appropriate and timely manner.

·         Maintains adequate security of County IT Systems and develops security plans to mitigate risk 

·         Recommends policy and procedures related to the use and security of County IT Systems.

Client : Direct End Client