Job Description :

We are looking for a hands-on lead engineer, who can perform as an individual contributor and provide guidance to peers in the following areas:


- SaaS DevOps pipeline implementation with


    GitHub (source control),


    GitHub Actions (CI), JFrog Artifactory (binary and container store),


    Sonar Cloud (SAST),


    Harness (CD) and ArgoCD (GitOps)


- Containerizing applications - building Docker images, executing pipeline steps in Docker containers


- Cloud hosting on Kubernetes clusters in Azure (AKS) and AWS (EKS) - cluster management, upgrades, security policies, application deployment using Helm Charts


- Infrastructure as code automation with Terraform and Terragrunt of AKS/EKS clusters, Azure & AWS server/storage/database services


- Security best practices, using HashiCorp Vault to manage and inject static/dynamic secrets into pipelines and deployed applications, container runtime security implementation


- Application performance monitoring with NewRelic, logging with Splunk, opsgenie(notification) hands on and sp


- Scripting in Bash, Powershell, Python, YAML, creating shared GitHub Actions libraries.


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