Job Description :

Position: Devops Infra Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA


Job Description: 

We are looking for a DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer to join our awesome team of bright minds. We are building data streaming and ingestion platform, reliably handling many billions of messages every day. Our goal is to build a world-class leading streaming platform that enables data producers and consumers to easily share and process information. We are building upon and improving our platform using open source projects such as Kafka, Kubernetes, Java and Kotlin, all running in the cloud, and we love contributing our work back to the open source community.


Technologies We Use:

kafka, aws, kubernetes, docker, terraform, ansible, jenkins, python, bash, go, java, kotlin, datadog, prometheus


Essential experience 

·        As well as being a passionate advocate of cloud computing, you have professional experience of AWS architecture and administration in production environments.

·        Familiarity with immutable infrastructure practices and benefits

·        Familiarity with infrastructure as code tools such Terraform and build tools like Jenkins, Docker and other open source devops technologies.

·        You have experience building and troubleshooting front and backend services in a production environment.

·        You have a good understanding of networking and security and how to apply them to a Cloud-based environment including AWS networking services such as VPCs, ELBs, Security Groups, and IAM roles.

·        Experience with building observability tools for availability, usage & performance

·        Appreciates that not all problems can be solved with code

·        Appreciates the importance of coding best practices and documentation


Desired experience 

·        You've spent some time on cloud infrastructure technologies such as aws and infrastructure as code tools such as terraform

·        You have hands on experience with containerisation (Docker) and resource scheduling (Kubernetes).

·        You possess a deep understanding of DevOps and Agile methodologies and concepts.

·        You are confident writing robust Infrastructure as Code and have used tools like Terraform and integrated with other tools such as Vault and Jenkins.

·        You have familiarity with event streaming platforms such as kafka

·        You have knowledge of configuration management tools and techniques.

·        Experience in (one or few) Python, Bash, Go scripting languages


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