Job Description :

Position: DevOps Engineer

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Duration: Full Time

Must Have Qualifications

·         Degree in Computer Science/Engineer

·         6 -8 years DevOps experience along with 3-4 years of AWS Cloud experience.

·         At least 4 years of engineering development experience in scripting languages

·         At least 4 years of development experience with Java/J2EE

·         At least 3 years of experience creating and maintaining Cloud infrastructure as code using technologies such as Terraform or Cloudformation.

·         At least 2 years of experience with Configuration Management

·         At least 2 years of experience developing and maintaining a CI/CD system.

·         At least 3 years of experience with containers, such as Docker, Kubernetes (+), AWS ECS environment or similar.

Experience Summary:

·         Strong experience in building and deploying applications on the Cloud, using CI/CD frameworks and Infrastructure automation.

·         Terraform/other Platform as Code systems  

·         Knowledge of Linux or windows scripting languages, such as Python, Bash, or PowerShell etc.

·         Deploying, configuring, monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Micro services

·         Extensive and current AWS DevOps best practices and tooling expertise, standard Internet services, such as DNS, HTTP, etc

·         Design and Develop the test automation to validate the builds in the CI/CD pipeline

·         Deep understanding of key AWS Services such as EC2, ECS, ECR, Lambda, FSx, Elastic Cache, Route, CloudFront, API Gateway, S3, Glacier, RDS, NLB/ALB, Security Groups/NACLs/VPCs, Cloud Watch,

·         Architect, develop and improve our AWS-based deployment processes using container technologies such as Docker.

·         Develop, Improve our overall infrastructure reliability, scalability and monitoring, expertise in setting up monitoring dashboards, alerts, log management

·         Automate processes so that engineers can self-service their operational requirements.

·         Experience in designing and maintaining Public Cloud based solutions with AWS

·         Understanding of cloud-scale and micro/macro-services architectures, Cloud Infrastructure concepts

·         Experience in developing and maintaining CI/CD process for enterprise SaaS and on-prem applications using tools like Git, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, etc.

·         Hands-on experience in building and administering Containers using tools such as Docker, ECS, Kubernetes (+), EKS (+) etc.

·         Backup & disaster recovery planning and implementation

·         Implementation of Cloud security best practices






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