Job Description :
Devops Automation Engineer Portland, OR Fulltime Permanent We are looking for an Automation Engineer to be responsible for implementing tools and processes to reduce friction in automated software builds and deployments. They are responsible for proactively ensuring the operational health of our systems through monitoring, alerting, dashboards, and feature flags. While not expected to write product code, an Automation Engineer makes our software development process faster, safer, and more robust. This Automation Engineer reports to the Senior Manager of Engineering out of Portland, Oregon. Position Overview Area of Responsibility Lead improvements to our CICD pipelines including orchestrating automated testing and deployments. Build and manage a high-availability release and back-out strategy including blue/green or canary deployments. Architect and implement automated metric monitoring and alerting to keep our systems alive and healthy. Guide decisions around reliability and resiliency including auto-scaling, self-healing, and circuit-breakers. Coordinate a product feature-flagging strategy across multiple teams and applications. Collaborate with developers, engineering managers, and the Digital Innovation Group within Lithia as needed. Role Based Expectations 3+ years-experience shipping and supporting high-scale, high-performance web applications in a cloud environment Excellent communication skills and a strong attention to detail. Expertise in web application architecture, scalability, performance optimization, reliability, deployment, monitoring/alerting, security Working with tools like Azure, Docker, Container Management, React, Node, Spring Boot, SQL and NoSQL Databases, and more.

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