Job Description :

Position:  Devops Engineer with Azure

Location: Bellevue, WA


Job Description: 
§ Improve dev productivity through dev inner loop monitoring, Configuring & Troubleshooting of Build & Release Infrastructure (Code, Run, Validate and Debug)

§ Monitor & Troubleshoot  flaky tests, selenium chrome driver updates using GIT and VSTS

§ Perform Code snaps on the source repos to support weekly releases

§ Support rolling the QFE and split stream bug fixes working with Dev/QA/PM teams

§ Develop automation tools and scripts using C# and PowerShell to reduce manual work

§ Spin up agents with a windows stock image using PowerShell DSC, ARM solution

§ Migrate the services to VSTS hosted Azure pipelines to reduce infra cost and maintenance

§ Configure CI/CD pipelines, Git policies, Pull Requests, code reviews and set up application telemetry working with VSO, Azure app insights, and Microsoft Flow

§ Set up monitoring/alerting for cert/key/service account management using Azure Key Vault notifications API

§ Enable Code Integrity before submitting the binaries to the store

§ Address the security vulnerabilities captured through Power BI/Service 360 portal

§ Support dev teams rolling bug fixes/feature changes safely to production and non-production environments with a rollback plan

§ Troubleshoot the issues and provide exact root cause to prevent issues happening again

§ Lead the project from offshore and guide the team on technical challenges

§ Generate the service availability metrics and present the availability reports to the leadership team


Must have:

§ Good knowledge on Azure Devops concepts on CI/CD pipeline including YAML

§ Good knowledge on GIT

§ Good Azure knowledge

§ Knowledge on C#/.Net/Any Development knowledge

§ Basic knowledge on PowerShell


Good to have

§ Operations experience

§ Good Understanding on Azure Infrastructure Environment

§ Power BI



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