Job Description :

Position: Devops Engineer with AEM

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Job Description: 

·         Architected and designed the enterprise A e Experience Manager (AEM) platform

·        Personally responsible for leading design of every single aspect of the AEM platform including security, configuration, infrastructure, integrations, and ongoing maintenance and support

·        Delivered solid vanity URL solution to handle Business SEO requirements

·        Delivered business value by automating the AEM server build-out saving hundreds of man-hours with the DevOps Automation Team

·        Resolved significant security gaps in Dispatcher and AEM security configurations

·        Resolved significant AEM configuration challenges that were breaking the code delivery process

·        Designed the OSGi runmode configuration process to ensure AEM configuration automation

·        Delivered solid business value by designing an active-active AEM Publisher strategy to double capacity

·        Created and implemented a solid AEM backup and maintenance strategy across all of AEM platform servers

·        Resolved performance issues with AEM platform and provided critical support in analyzing and resolving issues with long-running queries

·        Proven ability to lead an active, skilled DevOps AEM Administrator team in a Team Lead capacity supporting A e Experience Manager (AEM)

·        Created all processes, procedures, standards and requirements for the DevOps AEM Administrator Team as Team Lead

·        Led scrum sessions for the DevOps AEM Administrator Team resource planning to ensure all project deliverables were met

·        Sole responsibility to ensure all DevOps AEM Administrators were working towards required tasks on a daily basis

Preferred Qualifications:

·        Strong communication, interpersonal, collaboration and leadership skill

·        Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to think logically

·        Manage risk and change with an agile approach

·        Adopt at learning new technologies quickly

·        10+ years in working as DevOps/Automation engineer, of which at least 3 years in a lead role, preferably in A e AEM environment


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