Job Description :


1) Design/create/develop new business functions in DB in the form of stored proc, sql or ETL scripts

2) Create new/update tables and schema

3) Constantly evaluate the DB platform and explore and suggest new DB tools and platform to the other dev leads and architects

4) Evaluate and optimize queries identified as resource intensive by DBAs, external teams and from the application response timing

5) Create and Maintain ETL processes required for Enforce business processes and business requirements.

a) Create ETL modules/code/script to download/ingest data from various Verizon systems and databases

b) Constantly monitor the ETL processes to optimize the performance and fail safe data ingestion into Enforce

6) Work with the data science team to bring new data from external or verizon systems to enhance/implement fraud detection and prevention

a) Identify tables and update/enhance existing data archival process

b) Re-architect application tables and reporting tables with different data retention


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