Job Description :
Data Modeler

12 months plus extension

Chicago, IL

Phone, then Skype

Banking client

Need to have Erwin or ERstudio

Top Skills:
1. Exceptional at interviewing business partners ensure refined requirements
2. Experience with Business and/or Data Quality Rules
3. Experience with PowerPoint and/or Visio
4. Good Communication – Can tailor messaging to audience
5.Someone who is good at organizing things or visual documentation
6. Has the ability to create visual models
7. Familiarity with the DAMA DMBOK and FIBO

This process is end to end data management. Senior management is supporting the build out of data. Now they are holistically reconciling all of wealth management data. The main pain point from this group was the data showing up different data depending on the system you use. The major goal is to have the data provide a uniformed appearance. Business terms will be redefined to better explain to the user exactly what they should see in the data. This is an excellent position because this will be a centralized practice. This person will be digging in to understand what it means then moving on to their next project.