Job Description :

Job Title: Database Administrator

Location: Dimondale, MI

Duration: 6 Months

Note: Selected candidates need to be on board Onsite. They need to pick their on- boarding documents and equipment manually. No expenses will be paid for travelling

Job Description:

Seeking senior DBA to support the operations and maintenance of production as well as non-production databases running on a Unisys ClearPath MCP server running and to support interfaces to Oracle and SQL Server databases.

In this role, the selected DBA will provide Unisys Client database administration, design, and development support in our diverse, fast-paced, & growing environment. The Database Administrator will also analyze system performance, database performance, system health checks, and collaborate with Development teams to tune new and existing database access interfaces. This role provides plenty of opportunity for personal growth and development, while interacting with a positive, open team that is supportive of continued knowledge sharing and team advancement.

Perform database administration, maintenance, and operational support activities for the Client

Performs system/application and database monitoring, alerting, database performance tuning.

Identify and solve minor and major bugs, and issues on a 24x7 basis.

Work with developers and others to support their ability to use the data to further the interests of the agencies. This includes data cleanup, conversions, running scripts, synchronizing versions, database upgrades etc.

Employ technologies to support applications development and routine maintenance of Unisys Client databases: Unisys DASDL schema language, Unisys ALGOL programming language, Unisys WFL script language, Unisys CANDE editor, Unisys DMSII utilities, DMSII security controls, DBATools for Client database performance and resources monitoring software, DMSII database recovery and Unisys SimpleInstall utility for installing DMSII-related Unisys software.

Employ DataBridge and Oracle technologies to support the replication of Unisys DMSII databases onto Oracle and other databases.

Troubleshoot the problems and design solutions to operational and/or performance problems with the databases.

Work with management to develop database strategies to support agency needs; Consult and advise users on the use of databases and resolve data conflicts.

Perform DBA tasks including but not limited to: Data and Structural Definition Language (DASDL) and DASDL compilation; Unisys Dmutility functionality including backup and restore; Client host- language interface with COBOL, XGEN, WFL and ALGOL, including syntax and execution process; DMSII internals, including structure of datafiles and indexes.

Administration activities related to UNISTAR/URSA, BLUSOURCE, BLPACK, BLSCHED

Required/Desired Skills

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix


Years of Experience

Overall IT Experience

Communication (1 - 10)

Knowledge of Unisys DMSII DB administration and related tools

Knowledge of DataBridge administration and related tools

Knowledge of COBOL, XGEN, WFL, and ALGOL languages and related tools

Knowledge of UNISTAR/URSA, BLSOURCE, BLPACK, BLSCHED administration

Knowledge of the fundamental principles, theories, techniques, and methodologies of data processing systems analysis

Knowledge of computer programming, data modeling, and applicable tools

Ability to prepare detailed written instruction and documentation

Ability to express complex technical concepts at a level appropriate to the audience, both verbally and in writing

Knowledge of Oracle and/or SQL Server database administration

Knowledge of T-SQL, SQL and PLSQL

Knowledge of PowerShell or similar scripting and OS administration


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