Job Description :
Posting Title:  Data Warehouse Specialist Senior Level
Location: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Due Date to SFA for Consideration:  Immediately
Data Warehouse Specialist Senior Level for Data mart design and development for BI applications, focus on fare data, ridership data.

Data mart design and development for BI applications, including requirements, relational and dimensional data models, metadata documentation and mappings, ETL designs, ETL scripts, full lifecycle documentation, for complex requirements with fast turn-around. Focus on fare data, ridership data ETL and metrics.

Required skills and experience: 

At least 10 years experience designing and developing ETL and data models in data warehouse/data mart environments, including implementing data quality checks in ETL design and extensive experience designing transformations to implement complex algorithms; especially for transit related metrics involving fare and ridership data. 

At least 8 years experience working in cross-database environments, especially Oracle and SQL Server; 

At least 3 years experience using SSIS for end to end ETL development for BI applications; Development experience with SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2016; 

At least 8 years experience analyzing transactional db schemas to design Star and Snowflake data models for BI requirements, especially for requirements involving transit or transportation schedule data; 

At least 8 years experience developing in PL/SQL; Experience working with xml files as a data source; Experience coding/scripting in Python, .Net, C#. Demonstrated ability to collaborate with analysts, SMEs, and report developers on full lifecycle BI projects.


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