Job Description :
Data Scientist, Senior – IT Data& Analytics

We have an immediate opportunity with a large F500 client in the SFO, CA

We are looking for Data Scientist, Senior – IT Data& Analytics at SFO, CA with one of our major clients. Please go over the details let me know

Data Scientist, Senior – IT Data& Analytics

Desired Education / Skills:

Experience with the data science lifecycle, including data engineering, feature engineering, model building and evaluation, model deployment.
Knowledge of commonly used data science programming languages, packages, and tools, especially Python.
Understanding of data science/machine learning models and algorithms, not limited to: deep learning (CNN, RNN etc), decision trees (e.g. xgboost, random forest), unsupervised techniques (e.g. clustering, anomaly detection), natural language processing and statistical methods.

Experience training models in a public cloud environment, using tools such as Jupyter, AWS Sagemaker.
Ability to synthesize complex information into clear insights and translate those insights into decisions and actions.
Ability to clearly communicate complex technical details and insights to colleagues and stakeholders.

· Knowledge of the mathematical and statistical fields that underpin data science

· Knowledge of systems thinking and decomposition of complex problems.

· Humble – is open to being coached, has high EQ and is self-aware

· Hungry – desires to get things done while honoring people, and seeks better ways to do the job

· Collaborative – has strong interpersonal skills; cares about and works well with teammates

· Experience working on an agile delivery team, using methods such as Scrum, Kanban.

Position Responsibilities:

· Applies machine learning and other analytical modeling methods to develop robust and reliable analytical models, including visualizations, within software development environment.

· Gathers, cleans, transforms, and/or reduces data from dissimilar sources from across organization.

· Collaborates with team members and stakeholders to effectively manage the lifecycle of a model, retraining, replacing or sunsetting models when appropriate.

· Shares and collaborates with other data scientists.

· Delivers best-in-class software as part of a software delivery team.

Minimum Education/Skills:

· Bachelor’s Degree in Econometrics, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Statistics or job-related discipline or equivalent experience

· Job-related experience, 7 years, OR Master’s Degree and job-related experience, 5 years, OR Doctorate

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