Job Description :
Data Scientist
Long term

Key responsibilities:
As a Senior Data Scientist, you will be required to:
· Use machine learning and financial quantitative modeling to generate insights for alternative data sets like geo special, text etc.
· Design and build model execution pipeline with model validation, model monitoring, model scoring, model decay and retraining
· Help design and construct the data processing and analytics infrastructure necessary to perform advanced analytical research within a global enterprise.
· Create original insights from data by executing applied empirical research in a timely manner.

Key Requirements:
· A PhD, or Masters with equivalent work experience, with a solid background in machine learning, statistical analytical techniques, quantitative social science research or experimental physical science.
· Knowledge of financial modelling, factor investing, risk modelling (CFA / FRM certification is a plus)
· Advanced Knowledge of Python, Scala and Java
· 3+ years of profession experience and discipline in building Machine Learning models
· 3+ years of experience in Statistics and Data Science techniques like exploratory analysis, feature engineering and ML techniques like clustering, regressions, classifications etc.
· Experience with machine learning packages such as zipline, pyfolio, fbprophet, pysf, pyFlux, pyramid, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, StatsModels, Spark ML
· Experience in Machine Learning techniques like hyper parameter tuning, model validation, model serving, model monitoring, retraining etc. (Machine Learning pipeline)
· Experience with machine learning lifecycle tools (i.e. mlflow, kubeflow)
· Excellent written and spoken English, with ability to work collaboratively and communicate well within a highly skilled team, with a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets.
· Innovative mindset—thinks beyond the status quo

Preferred Skills/Experience:
· Relevant hands on work with unclean, semi-structured or unstructured data sets
· Experience working in teams of analysts, data engineers, statisticians, and data scientists
· Experience in analytics (a.k.a. decision sciences) in the financial industry;
· Proficient analytical and math background
· Demonstrated success in performing within a functional organizational environment
· Innovative mindset—thinks beyond the status quo
· Knowledge of BERT, AllenNLP, Spark, Hadoop, H20 and/or cloud computing $7580/hr 1