Job Description :
This position is responsible for business consulting activities within various business units as the primary interface and as a liaison to Information Technology in order to: Serve as an expert in translating complex data into key strategy insights and valuable actions. Client business narratives told by the data and present them to other scientists, business stakeholders, and managers at various levels. Develop and test heuristics. Create and run models. Perform data exploration and data mining. Create business intelligence, dashboards, visualizations, and/or other advanced analytics reports to adequately tell the business narrative and offer recommendations that are practiced, actionable, and have material impact, in addition to being well-supported by analytical models and data.

Job-specific knowledge, skills or abilities:
- Working knowledge of statistics, programming and predictive modeling.
- Working knowledge of code writing.
- Previous experience working in data mining or natural language processing.
- Possess advanced statistics/machine learning knowledge and implementation skills.

Preferred Qualifications: Strong critical thinking skills and the ability to relate them to the products or services the company is producing. Understanding of and ability to use programming languages like Python and SQL (Structured Query Language Strong knowledge of basic and advanced prediction models. Data mining knowledge that spans a range of disciplines